Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility criteria for UK Nurses?


Academic IELTS with 6.5 in writing and 7 in remaining areas.

But clubbing score is also acceptable in the following manner.

  • Sit the tests within 6 months of each other.
  • Tested all 4 sections at the same time.
  • All scores in both sittings are above 6.5 and achieve 6.5 in the writing section and 7 in Listening, Reading and speaking in either of the test sittings.


The Nursing and Midwifery Council, UK accepts a B grade in Listening, Reading, and Speaking and at least a C+ grade in writing. United Kingdom is one of the reputed OET c+ grade accepting countries.

But clubbing score also acceptable in the following manner

1st attempt score
350 400 300 300
2nd attempt
300 300 350 300
1st attempt score
350 400 300 300
2nd attempt
250 300 350 300
Not Qualified


Further, any nurse who registered and worked in the English environment of any English-speaking country is also eligible to work in UK without IELTS or OET.

Is OET harder than IELTS?

Although there are a few rumors that OET is easier to pass than IELTS Academic. This is not true. OET assesses the skills you already use in the healthcare profession and assesses how well you can communicate these skills in English.

Who is eligible for OET?

OET offers 12 versions of the test for different healthcare professions; nurses, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, optometrists, podiatrists, occupational therapists, vets, speech pathologists, dieticians, physiotherapists, and radiographers. The Reading and Listening sections are the same for both.

Can I take OET exam at home?

The world’s only international English language test specifically for healthcare professionals. Three different delivery modes are now available for OET to give candidates choice, convenience and confidence:OET @ Home – the same test you know and love but on a computer in your own home

What are the documents required for OET registration?

To sign up for the OET, you’ll need three things: A credit card (or billing information) A valid, government-issued photo ID. A digital passport photo.

Provided photos must satisfy the following requirements:

Color photo with white background.

No more than three months old.

Saved in.

Show only the head.

In which country OET is valid?

OET is recognized as proof of English Language proficiency by health regulators across Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Dubai, Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand, and Namibia.

Does handwriting matter in IELTS?

For your IELTS Listening, Reading, and Writing modules, a written paper is conducted. And if in this, your handwriting is sloppy, the IELTS examiner might not understand what you have written. So, the examiner will have no choice but to cut out some points.  Well, computer-aided IELTS can help you in such a case.

Is computer delivered IELTS easy?

The computer-delivered test is easier than the paper-based test. And because the content for both the paper-based and computer-delivered IELTS test is the same, the level of difficulty is also the same. The only difference might be your level of confidence in sitting your IELTS test on a computer.

How many times can I take IELTS?

There is no limit set by the conducting bodies of IELTS for taking the IELTS exam. You can take the IELTS test as many times as you want until you get your dream/target score. However, you have to pay the IELTS test fee for every attempt.

What documents are required for IELTS exam?

The most important thing to bring on the IELTS test day is your identification, either your passport or national ID, depending on which one you used for your IELTS test registration. You will need the same identification for your IELTS Speaking test as well.

Is calculator allowed in NMC CBT exam?

This is an applied numeracy test, that is set in the nursing/midwifery context. There are 15 questions of one mark each, to be completed in 30 minutes. The answers are one of four multiple-choice options. You may use a calculator if desired.

How many attempts are allowed for CBT?

You may sit the CBT up to three times as part of one application, with a minimum of 10 days between each sitting. If you are unsuccessful after your permitted attempts, your application will close. You’ll be required to submit a new application and will not be able to sit the CBT again for a minimum of six months.

What is the pass mark for CBT exam?

What is the passing score of NMC CBT? The decision, a candidate passes or fails the CBT is determined by both critical questions and an overall pass mark. A candidate must answer 90 percent of critical questions correctly. The overall pass score is set as 60 percent.

How much is a CBT test UK?

A CBT (compulsory basic training) test can cost between £130 to £170, but the price can vary between instructors. The certificate is valid for two years.

How long is CBT valid for?

2 years

Results: Your result will be either a pass or a fail. The result is valid for a period of 2 years. In case you do not pass at the first attempt, you are allowed to take a maximum of three CBT attempts as part of the same application.

How do I register for NMC?

Step 1: Account creation.

Step 2: Complete eligibility & qualification application.

Step 3: Upload documents supporting your qualification & professional registration.

Step 4: Submit your application by making a payment of £140.

What is NMC qualification?

To meet our eligibility criteria your qualification will need to be in nursing and be equivalent to a foundation level degree. A foundation-level degree in England goes beyond secondary (or high school) education and is one level below a full undergraduate degree.

Does NMC registration mean possess?

To work in the UK as a nurse or midwife, you must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). The NMC registration maintains a register for all nurses, midwives and specialist community public health nurses and nursing associates eligible to practice within the UK.

How much is NMC registration fee?

NMC application fee is £153 .

How long does it take to receive NMC PIN?

You will receive your pin card and statement of entry 7-10 days after you are registered. If you have not heard anything from the NMC about your registration within three weeks then they recommend that you call them to ask if there are any problems.